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Sunday 19th of August 2018
vHire Software Consulting Services
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We believe in bringing together the best and brightest talent we can find in the industry. Our people are passionate about their skills and bring a diverse background to our dynamic team.

If you're looking for a company which has a genuine respect for the sanctity of individual labor, featuring a positive team environment to deliver exceptional value for clients, then we are looking for you to join our team.

We believe in the power of continual learning. It's one of the key reasons for our success over the years. Our employees keep pace with the rapidly changing IT industry by staying ahead of the learning curve. We provide the tools, information, and support your ability to continue your professional enrichment.

Our success has been based on the solid foundation of quality, teamwork, and professionalism. Our compensation practices reflect our commitment to these principles. If you believe V-Hire and our customers can benefit from your skills and experience, give us a call or check our current open positions on site. Please submit your resume online or e-mail your CV to: hr@vhireconsulting.com

V-Hire is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer continually seeking exceptional IT talent.
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